Volunteering is a great way to share or develop your skills and get to know new people.  We have many opportunities for you to work with others both inside and outside the church. We will also work with you to find the ministry that is a right fit for you.

Music & Drama

o   Adult Choir

o   Chimers

o   Instrumentals or Vocal Solos

o   Play Instrument___________

o   Drama On-Stage

o   Drama Back Stage (Assist with writing, sets, & costumes)

o Children’s Choir (provide leadership or supervision)

o Children’s Chimes (provide leadership or supervision)

Worship Support

o Usher

o Communion Server

o Liturgist

o Acolyte

o Contemporary Worship Team


o Sound System Operator

o Special Worship Sound Operator

o Weddings/Funerals Sound

o Media Systems Operator

o Weddings/Funerals Media

o Website Updates

o Facebook Updates

o Camera Operator


o Serve on Prayer Ministry Team (plan prayer programs & services)

o Receive Email Prayer Chain

o Sunday Prayer Follow Up (send cards)



o Teach or Be a Helper in Sunday School

o Help with Special Events

o Serve on Children’s Ministry Team (1/month)

o Nursery Helper

o Acolyte Coordinator

o YAS Writing Teacher

o YAS Instrument Teacher

o YAS Monitor

o YAS Art Teacher

o YAS Drama Teacher

o YAS Dance Teacher

o YAS Meal Support

o Present Children’t Message

o Office Support for Youth

o Children’s Packets Coordinator

Intergenerational Events

o Help plan Intergenerational events

Guest Services

o Greeters

o Sunday Morning Coffee

o Provide Baked Goods

o Meal Help

o Tour Guide

o Hospitality Team

Church Support

o Office Volunteer

o Newsletter Assembly

o   Pew Organizer

o   Money Counters

o   Class Materials Support

o   Website Assistant

Facility Support

o   Painting

o   Carpentry

o   Flowerbeds

o Snow Shoveling

o Outdoor decoration

o Indoor decoration

Mission & Outreach

o Mission & Outreach Team

o Angel Tree

o After School Tutoring

o Quilting Baby Blankets

o Christmas Outreach

o Coffee Shop

o Door to Door Ministry

o Special Event Helper

o Special Event Coordinator

o Adult Mission Trip Planning

o Adult Mission Trip Attending

o Clothing Drive

o Clean church during custodian’s vacation time.

o Shut-in Ministry

o Bear Ministry

o Hospital Visits

o Men’s Winter Shelter

Adult Discipleship

o Be a shepherd/mentor

o Lead a class

o Lead a small group

o Discipleship Team

o Prayer Team