YAS Gardening Project

This summer we are adding a semester to our YAS program with an exciting new program—Gardening & Food Preservation. Children in our community will learn how to grow and preserve food, which will be used in our Fall and Spring semester cooking classes.

During the month of May we will meet at the parsonage from 4-6pm on Wednesday’s (if it is not raining).  June and July we will meet at 10am-12pm every Wednesday (again, if it is not raining).

Almost every current YAS student has expressed interest. We hope that this will allow children, who normally couldn’t participate in YAS due to scheduling, a chance to learn biblical principles and build Christian friendships. The garden will be at the parsonage and everyone is encouraged to join in and share their skills, even if it is just 1 times per month. All adults must pass a background check.

All background checks are good for 3 years.



Helping others and doing missions was so popular with our YAS students this year, that we decided to join forces with Mission Possible Kids.  This exciting and engaging program is for grades 1-5 and will be launching soon.  Stay tuned for more information.  (We will be creating a tab specific to this program on our website)




Children grades K-12 can join in our Young Artist School (Y.A.S.) which runs from September through April. For the past 4 years, every Wednesday beginning at 4:00 and going until 6:30,  we have offered free music lessons in piano, guitar, theory, choir, cooking, chimes, public speaking, drama, dance, writing, missions, boom whackers, and more to youth.

Throughout the evening we have Bible games and crafts for children of all ages and those that prefer to come for the fellowship. We do ask that all children participating in the fine arts make a commitment to attend each week, unless ill, and to be present for performances.


Student registration is Aug 15 from 4-7. Registration takes approximately 45 minutes.

We offer ongoing registration by appointment only.  Please contact our office at 812-275-2627 to set up an appointment to register if you cannot make the designated time.


Wednesday Sept. 5th @ 4pm