Dear Friends,

First United Methodist Church of Bedford WILL RESUME WORSHIP SERVICES  on June 14, 2020. 

Because of continuing restrictions on public gatherings, you’ll find things quite different from when we last worshipped together in March.  

  1. There will be two services each Sunday:  one at 9:00 am and the other at our usual time of 10:30 am.  Pews have been designated as available for each service.  Measuring devices in each pew can be used to determine the social distance requirement of 6 feet between families/people. 
  2. Only the main entrance and the handicapped entrance will be open.  All other doors will remain locked until further notice.  The doors will be propped open if at all possible.
  3. Everyone entering the building must be wearing a mask or face shield covering your nose and mouth at all times while in the building.  If you do not have a mask, we can provide one or if you prefer, we have a limited number of face shields.
  4. Upon entering the building, you will need to have your temperature taken and squirt your hands with hand sanitizer.   Disposable face masks and face shields, Communion supplies (when needed) and small bottles of water will be available.  The Coffee and Snack area will not be open until further notice.
  5. Only the sanctuary, hallway, bathrooms off the hallway and the west side of the Narthex will be accessible.  All other areas of the building are off-limits until further notice.
  6. Both bathrooms should be considered “single use” meaning that only one person should be in the room at a time.  Bathrooms will are disinfected by our custodian each week but will not be disinfected after each use on Sunday.
  7. All worship materials have been removed from the pews.  Attendance will be taken by a designated person.  Prayer concerns should be sent to the pastor at or by calling or texting  812-453-2434.
  8. Call to Worship and Scripture texts will be projected on the wall as usual.
  9. There will be no organized singing nor corporate (everyone together) prayer per CDC orders.  You are invited to repeat the Lord’s Prayer with the pastor, but either whisper or just mouth the words.
  10. Offering plates will be positioned near both entrances to the sanctuary (near the handicapped entrance and at the back of the sanctuary.
  11. The door next to the organ should not be used by anyone other than the organist because of social distancing rules.
  12. Communion will be offered on June 14 and every first Sunday following.  Pre-packaged cups of juice and a wafer will be used.  Pick up one prior to entering the sanctuary so you’re ready when we get to that part.
  13. All Sunday school and small group meetings will not meet until further notice
  14. Avoid touching anyone outside your family at all times while in the building.  Instead of shaking hands or hugging you can wave, show the peace sign, or use the  American Sign Language sign for “I love you”

A link to the weekly message will continue to be uploaded to the home page of our website and on our Facebook page each week and a copy of the script will be sent to you via your preferred method of contact each week.

I will continue to be at the church Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 am until at least 3 pm.  Please call at (812) 275-2627 if you need help or just someone to talk to.  You can also reach me at and/or through Facebook.  Specific requests for prayer can also be sent to  This is a private account, accessible only to me.

In the words of Bishop Trimble, ”Be Encouraged.”   It won’t be long now.  Above all else, remember:  YOU ARE LOVED!


Pastor Judi

June 13, 2020